Smoker charged after slapping flight attendant

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A self-entitled passenger aboard a flight from London slapped a flight attendant in the face after telling him to put out a cigarette he had lit as he was disembarking the aircraft at Larnaca airport.

The incident was reported to local police by the flight attendant, who said she was slapped by a male passenger who refused to put out a cigarette after she had instructed him to do so for the safety of other passengers.

The incident took place on Wednesday when passengers were disembarking from the plane using an open-air staircase to board a bus to be taken to the terminal.

Reportedly, the crew member spotted the man lighting a cigarette on his way down the staircase.

She then told the passenger to put out the cigarette, citing risk of fire during refuelling of the aircraft.

The man, reportedly a 47-year-old Cypriot, did not comply, giving the flight attendant an earful.

When she took the cigarette out of his mouth, the passenger reacted by slapping the woman in the face while launching a volley of verbal abuse.

According to the police, the suspect was charged with common assault and causing a public disturbance.

He was also charged with violating the no-smoking laws.

As the incident did not occur during the flight or inside the aircraft, he escaped more serious charges.