Neighbour murdered over parking spot row

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A 58-year-old man from the Nicosia village of Yeri has been arrested for alleged premeditated and attempted murder after shooting his neighbour dead and injuring the father during a row over a parking spot.

On Wednesday morning in the Nicosia suburb, the suspect shot his neighbour’s son in the head and injured the victim’s 52-year-old father with a hunting gun.

The victim was named Stavros Antoniou aged 29.

According to reports, the shooter got into a heated argument with his 52-year-old neighbour over a parking spot outside their homes in the village.

The dispute turned violent with the two older men getting into a fight using wooden objects.

The 29-year-old intervened, with the culprit leaving the scene only to return with his hunting gun, which he fired at the son, killing him with a headshot and seriously injuring his father.

Police officers were called to the scene by concerned neighbours, arresting the alleged suspect who had initially tried to avoid capture but surrendered peacefully.

Forensic examiners Angeliki Papetta and Orthodoxos Orthodoxou were also called to the crime scene.

Investigations at the scene uncovered various items taken by police for further examination, including the hunting gun used in the killing.

The 58-year-old perpetrator was taken in for questioning, where he allegedly admitted to committing the crime.

He is expected to appear in court for a remand order.

Police have already spoken to neighbours who had reportedly heard shouting and several gunshots and said there had been differences in the past.

Police spokesperson Christos Andreou confirmed that neighbours told officers the three men were heard arguing.

“A case of premeditated murder and attempted murder is being investigated against the suspect.”