Car sales remain fragile

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The total registrations of motor vehicles increased by 1.5% to 22,074 from January to July, up from 21,752 in the same period last year, the Cyprus Statistical Service said.

Passenger saloon car sales also increased 1.5% during the first seven months to 16,979 from 16,720.

Of the total passenger saloon cars sold, 6,971 or 41.1% were new and 10,008 or 58.9% were used cars.

Coaches and buses registered in January-July 2021 decreased to 38, from 213 in the same period of 2020.

Goods conveyance vehicles decreased by 9.9% to 2,535 in January-July 2021, compared with 2,815 in January-July 2020.

In particular, light goods vehicles decreased by 17.5% to 1,865 and heavy goods vehicles by 1.6% to 313, while road tractors (units of trailers) increased by 36.2% to 128 and rental vehicles by 60.1% to 229.

Mopeds under 50cc recorded an increase of 53.7% to 166 from 108 in the same period of 2020.

Registrations of motorbikes over 50cc rose 26% to 2,100 from 1,667.

In July alone, the total registrations of motor vehicles were 3,443, recording an annual decrease of 18.5%.

Passenger saloon cars also registered a year drop of 15.6% to 2,712 last month.