Operation Jetstream at British Bases beaches

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With temperatures now rising, British Bases Police warn beachgoers to follow the rules and remain safe or face the consequences.

Bases Police has announced that Operation Jetstream at beaches within the SBA is now in force.

People are reminded that they need to obey the law and regulations for their own safety and others.

SBAA Area Office Assistant Inspector Agathocles Athanasiou said: ‘’SBA Administration’s primary target for this summer is for zero tolerance with regards to Seashore Offences at all SBA beaches.

‘’Joined operations gives a strong message to the public that everyone can enjoy seashore activities lawfully and without endangering others.

‘’We all deserve to enjoy this summer after the difficult winter that everyone had, with respect to other people and the environment.’’

This weekend, three fixed penalties were issued for parking within the boat lane, one for operating a jet ski without an operator’s licence and one for anchoring a boat within the boat lane.

Nine written cautions were also issued for people not having life jackets within a boat and three for parking within the boat lane.

A particularly serious offence was a man who entered the boat lane with his jet ski in a very dangerous manner; the case is expected before the SBA Court soon.