Ronaldo, Mbappe biggest celebrities in Euro 2020

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Cristiano Ronaldo is the biggest celebrity among footballers playing in Euro 2020 based on a combination of factors such as social media following, market value and global news coverage.

According to data presented by Safe Betting Sites and based on data platform Statista’s Celebrity Index, Ronaldo scored a perfect 100. France’s Kylian Mbappe was ranked as the second-biggest celebrity footballer of Euro 2020 with a celebrity index score of 52.2.

Five of the top 10 celebrity players at Euro 2020 are Englishmen: Harry Kane, Marcus Rashford, Raheem Sterling, Jadon Sancho and Trent Alexander-Arnold. England’s top division is also well represented with six of the top 10 celebrity footballers playing in the English Premier League.

Social media following has a 51% weight on the celebrity index score and Ronaldo’s social media following dwarfs that of any other player at Euro 2020. Ronaldo had combined Twitter and Instagram followers of 373.18 mln, compared to the next highest following belonging to Gareth Bale of just 62.37 mln.

Ronaldo’s large lead in social media following meant that his relatively modest €50 mln market value did little to stop his charge to the top of the rankings.


Player market value

Nevertheless, player market value still accounts for 29% of the celebrity score, and Mbappe’s highest market value of €160 mln is what propelled him to second place in the rankings. Harry Kane has the second-highest market value (€120 mln) out of all the players at Euro 2020, making him the third-biggest celebrity among footballers at the tournament and the biggest celebrity footballer from England.

Online news coverage was the third factor to be considered and accounted for 20% of the celebrity index score. Ronaldo’s wide lead in the overall celebrity rankings is also due to having the highest mentions in global news coverage at an estimated 43,733.

Marcus Rashford was recognised as an MBE of the UK in 2020 for his off-pitch activism against homelessness and poverty. The young Englishman’s charitable work is a clear contributor to him earning second place in the global news coverage rankings with an estimated 28,157 mentions.

“Cristiano Ronaldo has been a superstar for many years and it comes to no surprise that he is ranked as Euro 2020’s biggest celebrity,” said Rex Pascual, sports editor at Safe Betting Sites.

“In more modern times, professional athletes have gained a bigger influence in the public sphere, with Rashord’s accomplishments a key indicator of that. With Ronaldo in the last few years of his illustrious career, expect a tight race between his potential successors in their bid to become football’s next biggest celebrity.”