Drivers urged to check vehicles before summer trips

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Cyprus’ Transport Ministry encourages Cypriots to make sure their vehicles are roadworthy before heading on summer excursions, especially tyres and headlights.

Presenting the findings of a campaign called “Friendly Road Safety Checks Before the Summer”, Transport Minister Yiannis Karousos called on motorists to dedicate time to checking their cars ahead of the summer season.

“The condition of a vehicle is an important aspect of road safety, and certainly every driver must keep his vehicle in excellent condition for their own safety, their family and other road users,” said Karousos.

He said worn tyres, damaged lights, insufficient mechanical maintenance of a vehicle could cause road accidents with serious consequences.

Among other road safety actions, authorities often conduct targeted inspections of various types of vehicles.

These inspections will be intensified to raise driver awareness for the need to maintain their vehicles, meet all safety requirements and have a lower chance of getting involved in a road collision.

“Friendly Road Safety Checks” consist of targeted roadside checks carried out by Transport Ministry officials.

Out of 1108 vehicles checked recently, 195 or 17.6% had at least one worn tyre, 420 vehicles or 38% had an issue with their headlights or other indicators.

Karousos said that crews checking cars found vehicles had issues that the driver was not aware of, such as damaged tyres. In some cases, crews would fix issues on the spot.

The campaign will continue until the end of June, with other activities to raise awareness amongst motorists.

“This summer, let the only memories be of the beautiful moments we spend with our family.”