COVID19: Vaccination portal reopens for 36–39-year-olds

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Cyprus residents aged 36-39 who did not previously book a COVID-19 vaccination appointment have the opportunity to do so again on Friday and Saturday, with almost 51% of the population receiving a jab.

The Health Ministry said People aged 36 to 39 who did not book a vaccine appointment when offered earlier this month would get a second chance to do so, as the portal opened for them at 7.30 am on Friday and will close on Saturday at 5.30 pm.

Authorities are pushing ahead with their vaccination rollout, noting they are on track to reach the goal of vaccinating 65% of the population with at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine by the end of June.

As of May 26, the ministry said that 560,664 jabs had been administered, corresponding to 64.01 vaccinations per 100 inhabitants.

Cyprus ranks third among European member states for its vaccine rollout per population.

According to the ministry, 50.9% of the adult population (376,676 people) have received their first dose of a coronavirus vaccine, with 24.9% (183,988 people) being fully vaccinated.

Cyprus has recorded 72,234 coronavirus infections during the past 14 months and 357 deaths.