Police investigate more sexual harassment cases

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Cyprus police are investigating another allegation of sexual harassment, taking the number of cases reported in the past five months to 28, of which 14 have gone to court.

In comments to the Cyprus News Agency, police spokesperson Eleni Constantinou said the force has been busy looking into historic sexual abuse claims “since these cases started coming in”.

She referred to Olympic shooter Andri Eleftheriou’s case, who had reported a senior sports official for sexually harassing her at a young age.

Constantinou said Eleftheriou’s case was one of two cases dropped by the legal services.

Eleftheriou’s case was dropped on legal technicalities, as the alleged offence was reported to have taken place outside the Cyprus Republic when she was at an international shooting event.

“On top of the 14 that have been sent to court, another eight cases are being investigated, and another three have been sent to the legal services for further instructions,” said Constantinou.

Sexual harassment allegations against a former Euro MP is among the three cases currently before the Attorney General’s office.

Police are said to be looking thoroughly into sex crimes and working hard to bring them to court.

“Every time we receive such a complaint, an investigation is launched which is carried out in confidentiality and seriousness,” said Constantinou.

A former high-ranking clergyman accused of rape appeared before a Larnaca court to rule whether he can stand trial due to his deteriorated mental health.

The court said it would convene on 28 June to hear expert medical testimony on the issue.

The former Larnaca Bishop, 83, is on trial for raping a woman when still in office in 2011 and a separate indecent assault on another female.

The clergyman was released on a €50,000 bail and asked to hand in his travel documents.

Meanwhile, the dismissal of the case against the sport’s official who allegedly sexually harassed Eleftheriou has been criticised as a ‘cover up’.

Complaints of sexual assault in Cyprus surged after the Olympic shooter came forward to name her abuser.

Since then, police opened investigations into a track and field coach, doctor, politician, and former bishop.