Sizzling Greek Easter for Cyprus

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Cyprus is in for a warmer-than-usual Easter as maximum temperatures are expected to soar to baking point through the holiday period, according to experts at Kitas Weather.

Despite the heat, sunbathing is prohibited because of lockdown, but a walk on the beach could be popular this weekend.

Friday will see temperatures start rising to 34°C, with moderate to strong winds, while temperatures will keep climbing to a sweltering 39°C on Easter Monday.

In comments to the Financial Mirror, weather observer Eric Kitas said the high temperatures result from warm air masses blanketing the Eastern Mediterranean.

Top temperatures are approximately 16 degrees Celsius warmer than the recorded average of 27° C.

Good Friday will start cloudy, but soon after, the weather will become mostly clear.

Temperatures will rise to around 33°C inland, approximately 27°C on the coast, and 26°C on higher ground.

On Holy Saturday, the weather will be mostly clear, with temporarily high clouds as temperatures rise to 37°C inland.

On Easter Sunday, the weather will feel very warm at 38°C – perfect for the traditional barbecue.

On Easter Monday, weather conditions will resemble July, with maximum temperatures reaching a scorching 39°C.