COVID19: Kinder nasal swab tests for everyone

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The Health Ministry said a less invasive COVID-19 testing method had been adopted for the general public at free government testing points.

Testing stations are being equipped with nasal swabs, similar to the ones used for testing minors.

Nasal antigen rapid testing will be replacing testing carried out until recently with nasopharyngeal swabs.

Health authorities reviewed their testing methods, following the list of tests mutually recognised by EU states, including nasal antigen tests, by the European Commission.

So far, only minors under the age of 12 had been allowed to undergo a test using a nasal swab during their mandatory weekly testing.

The Health Ministry said it has already purchased nasal swab tests to accommodate the mandatory testing in a less intrusive manner.

Cyprus has adopted mass testing as one of its main pillars, along with vaccinations and protective hygiene measures to keep the virus in check.

It ranks top among EU countries for mass testing with an average of 40,958 tests per 100,000 residents.

All employees at business employing up to 3 people should be tested weekly.

Businesses/services employing between 4 to 10 people should at least test 4 staff weekly.

Businesses/services employing more than 11 people, at least 5 people or 30% of employees should be tested, whichever is higher in number.