Cyprus shipping plans ‘new’ strategic vision

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The Cyprus ministry for shipping, upgraded from a government department with a Cabinet presence since March 2018, is preparing a strategy that will determine the future of the maritime sector for decades to come.

Deputy Minister Vassilios Demetriades, who has been involved in maritime, transport and EU affairs since 1998, is reaching out to all maritime sector stakeholders to participate in a consultation campaign that will result in a new ‘strategic vision for Cyprus shipping.’

The consultation aims to collate feedback from all stakeholders on maritime issues related to Cyprus.

The consultation begins next week and will conclude at the end of May, with the results analysed and evaluated.

After that, the deputy ministry will have a general foundation for its future strategic vision.

A ministry official told the Financial Mirror that the consultation process will focus on four key areas – environmental sustainability from April 7 to 22; digital transformation from April 23 to May 6; social challenges involving seafarers’ living and working conditions, crew changes and vaccination, piracy, and attacks on ships, from May 7 to 20.

General maritime transport issues like coastal navigation, pollution and education will be held throughout May.

“Cyprus’ connection to the sea is fundamental to who we are, both as a nation and an economy. “We have a proud maritime history and are committed to ensuring this continues into the long-term future,” said Demetriades in a video message.

He added: “To lead effectively, we must also listen, which is why we want to co-create a long-term strategic vision for Cyprus’ shipping, maritime, and marine-related activities.”

Cyprus shipping’s new strategic approach is dubbed “SEA”, which stands for sustainable, extrovert and adaptable.

Submit feedback to by responding to the relevant questions.

Earlier in March, the junior ministry embarked on an awareness campaign to promote the blue economy among high school students.

The ministry launched a video to raise awareness about career opportunities to high school students, potential cadets at maritime academies and future managers.

The brief video, “Sea… Your Horizon”, aims to encourage high school students to choose a career in the maritime world, which in Cyprus accounts for about 7-8% of GDP.