COVID19: Vaccination rollout moves to people aged 64

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The vaccination portal will open for people aged 64 and over on Thursday, as Cyprus’ COVID-19 vaccination rollout continues to climb down the age ladder, following a break for diabetics and the severely obese.

The Health Ministry said that 17,814 vaccination slots would be available, and they can book appointments from Thursday morning until 7.00 pm on Sunday.

Slots will be available for all three available licensed vaccines, AstraZeneca, Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech, administered at vaccination centres across the country.

The Health Ministry urged people to book their appointments.

It said: “The gradual easing of restrictive measures to a large extent depends on the share of the population protected through vaccination coverage to be achieved over the next weeks”.

Health Ministry’s spokesperson Margarita Kyriacou said the vaccination rollout focuses on vulnerable groups while climbing down the age ladder.

Authorities are also reviewing calls to prioritise specific professions critical to the economy, such as teachers.

Sources at the Health Ministry said they are disappointed over the low take-up for jabs from people with diabetes and severe obesity.

Just 7,200 of over 19,000 slots available for insulin-dependent diabetics and severely obese were booked up to Tuesday, prompting the ministry to close the portal a day earlier than initially planned.

This is what has allowed health authorities to bring forward appointments for people aged 64 and over.

The portal is expected to open again for other special health groups on Monday.