Biden not giving up on Cyprus

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US President Joe Biden has promised not to give up on the Cyprus issue when addressing a Greek American community digital event to celebrate Greece’s bicentennial independence.

President Biden paid tribute to his friend, senator Paul Sarbanes who passed away last year.

“Paul was a great friend and a great educator…Paul got me involved when we were trying to figure out how to deal with Cyprus a long – long time ago; I still haven’t given up on it.”

President Biden also spoke about his telephone conversation with Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis earlier Thursday.

“He is going to come to see me. He wants to come. We are trying to work it out when the Covid will allow that to happen.” he said.

Biden praised the efforts of Greek Americans on the excellent relationship the two countries enjoy.

“Under my Administration, we will be as close as we have ever been; I promise you that.

“I am committed to building a strong and stronger partnership than we already have and advance our shared interests. That’s what the Prime Minister and I spent time talking about.”

The last round of UN-backed negotiations, in July 2017, at the Swiss resort of Crans-Montana failed. An informal UN conference on Cyprus will take place on 27-29 of April to get talks restarted in Geneva. (source CNA)