COVID19: Larnaca opens new vaccination centre

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Larnaca’s vaccination capacity increased on Monday after health authorities opened a new COVID-19 centre at the arrivals terminal of the port.

The Health Ministry said 220 people were to get their COVID-19 jab at Larnaca Port on Monday, which has taken over from a centre previously set up at the offices of civil servants’ union PASYDY.

The new centre at the port has 11 vaccination station compared to PASYDY’s five and three at the old hospital.

“Given that vaccination of the population without delay will allow our country to return to normality the soonest possible, all citizens are urged to support this national effort,” the Health Ministry said in an announcement.

In comments to the Cyprus News Agency, acting Director of the Nursing Services, Evagoras Tampouris, said the new vaccination centre covers Larnaca and Famagusta residents.

Authorities were happy to see people turning up on time on the first day of operation of the centre.

“All the protocols and decrees of the Health Ministry are observed, with the public complying with instructions.

“We urge everyone to come in on time for their vaccination and to keep their distance for their own safety.

“Citizens seem to have realized that they need to get at least one vaccine shot,” said Tampouris.

The new centre at the port operates Monday to Friday from 8 am to 3 pm, with a total of 11 vaccinating stations.