COVID19: Eleven fined at Limassol birthday party

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Eleven people were fined for breaking COVID-19 restrictions, after being caught by police officers celebrating a birthday at a Limassol home with fireworks during lockdown.

In total 21 people, eleven adults and 10 minors, aged between five and 10, were found celebrating the birthday of one of the children present on Monday evening.

The partygoers were not only breaking COVID restriction on house gatherings but were not shy about it, as they played loud music and had set off fireworks, attracting the attention of passers-by and neighbours.

Under lockdown rules, households are limited to four visitors at any one time.

Police officers interrupted the party after they were reported by a neighbour who had heard the loud music and noticed the fireworks at around 7 pm.

The 11 people, all foreign nationals, and permanent residents of Cyprus were handed a €300 fine each for violating the decrees against the spread of COVID-19.

It later emerged; the owner of the house had obtained a permit for the fireworks amid a lockdown.

Limassol is the island’s COVID-19 hotspot with clusters and trains of transmission forming, around 70% of daily cases are detected in the town.