COVID19: Cyprus enters lockdown for 3 weeks

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Cyprus entered on Sunday a new 3-week lockdown to contain a COVID-19 surge in new cases and protect the health system from collapse.

The first lockdown in the country was imposed last March, lasting until late May.

According to the new measures, the curfew remains between 9.00 pm and 5 am while all gatherings in private or public spaces are prohibited.

Cypriots are allowed to walk in parks and at the beach for physical exercise no more than two at adults together.

People can send up to two SMS messages per day to be allowed out the house.

Work from home is introduced for the public sector and local authorities except for essential services.

Church services can take place without attendees and weddings, baptisms and funerals with a maximum of 10 people.

The construction sector will remain open as well as food and beverage retail companies.

Elementary and high schools will operate remotely. Kindergartens and special education schools remain open.

Private companies and services that remain in operation and promote remote work are allowed to have 15% of their staff physically present in the office but the maximum number is 20 people per establishment.

Businesses that have to close include; Barbershops and hairdressers, beauty salons, tattoo parlours, theatres, cinemas, amphitheatres, restaurants and nightclubs, shopping malls, department stores, dance schools.

Top-tier sport can take place without spectators.

All other tournaments, as well as sports activities for people under 18, are suspended.

Cyprus has over 27,000 cases and 147 deaths.