Mobile, internet prices 10.8% higher than EU average

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Communications prices in Cyprus are 10.8% higher than the EU27 average but costs are lower than in Greece or the UK, according to data released on Monday.

In 2019, communication prices across the European Union were almost five times as high in the most expensive EU Member State (Belgium) than in the cheapest one (Romania).

When price levels in countries are compared with the EU average price level index of 100, the results show that communication prices were highest in Belgium (with a price level index of 176) and Greece (175), followed by Ireland (150) and Luxembourg (149).

Cyprus is somewhere towards the middle in the EU (12) with 110.8.

In contrast, communication price levels in 2019 were lowest in Romania (with a price level index of 38) and Poland (51), followed by Lithuania (71), Bulgaria (76) and Latvia (77).

Outside the EU, Iceland was the most expensive with a 211.7 price level followed by Norway (175.2) and in the UK it was 111.1.

Communication prices include prices for telephone and telefax equipment, internet access provision, postal, wired telephone, wireless telephone, bundled telecommunication and other information transmission services.