World’s 10 richest royal families control $2.4 trln

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The top ten royal families in the world control a fortune of $2.45 trln, according to their as calculated by BuyShares based on their wealth in Q3 2020.

Saudi Arabia’s House of Saud is the wealthiest royal family in the world with a fortune of $1.4 trln. Kuwait’s House of Al Sabah ranks second with a wealth of $360 bln, followed by the House of Al Thani from Qatar with a fortune of $335 bln.

Elsewhere, the Al Nahyan family from the UAE controls a fortune of $150 bln, while the British Royal Family closes the top five categories with a fortune of $88 bln.

Other wealthy families include Thailand’s Chakri dynasty ($60 bln), Brunei’s House of Bolkiah ($28 bln) UAE’s Al Maktoum family ($18 bln), Morocco’s Alaouite dynasty ($8.2 bln), and Liechtenstein’s House of Liechtenstein ($4.4 bln).


Royal wealth criticised

The research also notes the growing criticism over the royal families’ growing wealth.

According to the research report, “with most royals growing in wealth, there have been calls to abolish the monarch due to inequality reasons. Critics argue that the existence of the monarch is unfair.

“Some believe that the institution is outdated in the wake of a huge financial gap with the rest of the citizens. For example, in the UK, critics argue that the royal family has seen their wealth spike, while the rest of the country is attempting to find a way out of the different financial crises.”

The research also overviewed the top ten richest royal family members who, collectively, control $114.4 bln.

The King of Thailand Vajiralongkorn controls a fortune of $30 bln, followed by Hassanal Bolkiah the Sultan of Brunei with a net worth of $20 bln. In third spot is Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud the King of Saudi Arabia with a fortune of $18 bln.

Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan is fourth with a fortune of $15 bln, while Al-Waleed bin Talal closes the top five spot with wealth worth $13.4 bln.

Other wealthy royal family members include Azim of Brunei ($4.2 bln), Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum ($4 bln), Grand Duke Henri ($4 bln), Hans Adam II ($3.5 bln) and Juan Carlos I ($2.3 bln).