Trump’s social media army 7 times bigger than Biden’s

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U.S. President Donald Trump’s 143 million social media following is about 7.2 times more compared to his rival in the upcoming election Joe Biden. As of October 28th, Biden’s overall social media following stood at 19.94 million, according to data acquired and aggregated by Finbold indicates.

On Twitter, Trump has 87.2 million followers, representing about 7.86 more followers than Biden’s 11.1 million. The two candidates also have a share of fake Twitter followers with Trump having 6% more fake followers compared to Biden.

An overview of their Instagram accounts indicates that Trump has 4.52 times more followers than Biden at 22.6 million, while Biden has only 5 million followers.

On Facebook, Trump controls a massive 32.26 million page followers, while Biden followers are 9.06 times less than Trump at 3.56 million.

On YouTube, Biden also trails with 280,000 subscribers, which is about 5.04 times less when contrasted to Trump’s 1.41 million subscribers.

Finbold said its campaign is not intended to demean or support neither of the candidates. Social media platforms that did not have official accounts from both candidates were excluded.