Cypriot diaspora urges UK to ensure Varosha opening reversed

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The organised UK Cypriot community is mobilising its members following the UN Security Council statement instructing Turkey and the breakaway Turkish Cypriots to reverse a decision to open Varosha’s beachfront.

In a letter to Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, the UK National Federation of Cypriots calls for actions to ensure the implementation of the statement and the Security Council’s related resolutions.

The Federation has launched an e-campaign so the UK Cypriot community view on the matter is loudly and clearly expressed.

In his letter to Raab, Federation President Christos Karaolis said while the Republic of Cyprus recently celebrated its 60th anniversary as an independent sovereign state, it is “tragic” that for the last 46 years one-third of its territory continues to be under illegal military occupation by Turkey.

He said at a time when the UN Secretary-General announced “encouraging” intentions to resume negotiations to reunite Cyprus and President Nicos Anastasiades has reiterated his desire to resume negotiations, “regrettably, Turkey decided to illegally re-open a beachfront area of Varosha on 8 October, in breach of UN Security Council Resolutions 550, 789 and 2537”.

The Security Council expressed “deep concern” and called for the “reversal of this course of action”.

Karaolis said: “The United Kingdom as a permanent member of the Security Council and as a Guarantor Power of the Republic of Cyprus, has a special obligation to ensure that this statement …as well as all UN Resolutions relating to Cyprus, are implemented.”

“There can be no doubt that Turkey’s actions in Varosha, in addition to their illegality, seriously undermine stability in the region and prospects for a Cyprus solution.

Therefore, I urge you to consider all measures and actions available to the UK, to ensure that International Law is upheld and that statements and resolutions of the UN Security Council, relating to Cyprus, are implemented.”

The Federation is providing a platform for UK Cypriots and any other UK citizen that so wishes to email Raab asking for action to ensure the implementation of the UN Security Council’s statements and resolutions.

Details can be found at https://cypriotfederation.org.uk/varosi

The organised diaspora’s mobilisation comes at a time when London considers how it can contribute on resolving the Varosha issue.

President Anastasiades will discuss the latest developments with Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday.