‘Protected’ birds shot down over Cyprus skies

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Conservationists have slammed the Illegal killing of dozens of migratory birds by hunters near Larnaca Salt Lake while authorities turn a blind eye.

“This horrible crime against wildlife was committed near Lake Soros last Saturday,” said a Birdlife Cyprus statement.

Dozens of Bee-eaters, plus many other protected species, such as Barn Swallows were shot down from the sky at Lake Soros in Meneou, Larnaca.

“The specific area is, unfortunately, a notorious ‘black spot’ for illegal bird killing. Incidents such as this one have been reported numerous times in the past, but continue nonetheless,” the NGO said.

Birdlife Cyprus said the authorities knew what was happening but have little interest in stopping the crime against nature.

“The fact that some people have been allowed to get away with killing protected birds for years in this area reveals the serious shortcomings in law enforcement.

Birdlife said Saturday’s incident was immediately reported to the competent authorities and the dead birds were handed over to the Game and Fauna Service.

BirdLife Cyprus is a registered non-governmental organization dedicated to the conservation of wild birds and their habitats.