Hollywood film shot in Cyprus gets Paramount release

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Jiu Jitsu, the first-ever Hollywood film entirely shot on location in Cyprus and starring Oscar-winner Nicolas Cage has been picked up for distribution in November by Paramount Home Entertainment.

The film was made in Cyprus under the government’s audio-visual incentive scheme offering cash rebates and tax incentives for big productions.

Sci-fi, martial arts franchise Jiu Jitsu is directed by Dimitri Logothetis and also stars Alain Moussi, Tony Jaa and Frank Grillo.

This distribution deal was made between newly established The Avenue Entertainment (extension of Highland Film Group) and Paramount Home Entertainment for the digital, Blu-ray, VOD and DVD distribution of the movie.

Jiu Jitsu stands as the first independent movie to be selected under this new agreement with its release date set for November 20, the week of thanksgiving in the US.

Logothetis expressed his pride and happiness that Jiu Jitsu was selected as the first movie to be distributed under the umbrella of The Avenue Entertainment-Paramount Home Entertainment deal.

He said independent films seldom get picked up for distribution by a major studio, “so this is in itself a cause for celebration”.

“The distribution of the film through Paramount Home Entertainment not only exemplifies the quality of our independent film but gives Cyprus the opportunity to promote itself as a unique film destination.”

Logothetis is in the final preproduction stages for Man of War, a second movie to be shot in Cyprus and to be distributed by Highland Film Group in association with Avenue Entertainment.

“Our growing relationship with key industry individuals has enabled us to achieve positive exposure for our movies while setting the groundwork for the exchange of common ideas and exciting new projects that we would like to bring to Cyprus.”