COVID19: Fears Larnaca spike is sign of worse to come

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There is growing concern among scientists that the spike in COVID-19 cases in Larnaca is a forewarning the virus will spread across Cyprus as businesses, society have let their guard down.

Assistant Professor in infection prevention at the European University and government advisor Constantinos Tsioutis fear the outbreak could spread as people have ignored health protocols.

He told CNA that over the next few days the extent of the problem will become evident.

Although Larnaca seems to be the epicentre of the spike, given the characteristics of Cyprus and experience gained so far, the problem will be islandwide and not restricted to a single district, Tsiotis said.

The expert said the situation caused concern, not due to the number of cases, but because there are multiple chains of transmission, which have broken out of the family or work circle.

He said most of the cases were due to insufficient observation of health protocols and social distancing in the workplaces and at football clubs.

The bottom line, he said, was that the public and businesses must be constantly reminded to observe personal hygiene and social distancing.

Tsioutis said the restrictions on social gatherings imposed on Larnaca will place the situation under control, the same measures were successful in Limassol last month.

He said winter would be difficult and that the last thing anyone wanted was a serious spike of cases before it even begins.

Other experts argue that the next wave of the virus could be worse this time around as it is already in the community.