COVID19: Larnaca households, social gatherings limited to 10

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Household gatherings in Larnaca will be limited to 10 people from Thursday as authorities try to stem the spread of coronavirus in the island’s number one COVID hotspot.

Larnaca will come under a series of restrictive measures to stem the spread of coronavirus, following some 60 COVID-19 cases found in the district which are linked to four clusters.

Newly introduced measures in the district will be in place for two weeks.

As of Thursday, households in the Larnaca district, cannot have more than 10 people present at any social gathering indoors or in outdoor public spaces, children included.

A ceiling of 75 people is placed on indoor catering and 150 in outdoor hospitality facilities.

There can be no more than 10 per table/reservation at restaurants.

A maximum of 75 people will be allowed inside Larnaca’s churches while football games and other sports events will be played without fans.

Theatres and cinemas can continue working as long as they do not allow more than 75 people inside or 150 outdoors.

The Health Ministry also banned wedding and christening receptions in an attempt to minimize physical contact at such social events.

People who have a wedding or a christening planned over the next fortnight will have to make do with dinner-only events which cannot host more than 300 people.

The government urged Larnaca residents to act responsibly and adhere to the new measures.

“We remind all citizens of Cyprus of the need to diligently follow personal hygiene measures, and to be careful in their movements and contacts with other people”.

Meanwhile, the Health Ministry will be increasing tests in Larnaca, introducing a free random testing scheme of 3,000 people.

Currently, Larnaca is at the epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic in Cyprus with 60 infections and scores of people in self-isolation with several cluster transmissions growing.

The largest of four currently active clusters started at a workshop made up of 24 cases and including people who tested positive at the Larnaca Bishopric.

The second-largest transmission chain involves a cluster at Larnaca-based football club Nea Salamina. This chain has grown to 20 players and staff with many more in self-isolation.

A third large cluster is at the Golden Bay Hotel, which numbers at least nine infections, and a fourth chain originated at the Ocean Basket restaurant where 5 people were found positive to the virus.

A Larnaca General Hospital nurse and a schoolgirl are the latest cases to test positive.