COVID19: Anti-mask demonstrators to be prosecuted

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Cyprus police on Monday said they have fined 20 individuals who participated in a Nicosia demonstration against the use of protective masks and a COVID vaccine while proceeding with three criminal prosecutions.

According to police, 20 people were fined €300 each for not keeping to social distancing protocols issued by the Health Ministry under the infectious diseases law.

Two people who organised the event and a speaker at Saturday’s protest will be prosecuted.

This was the second protest against COVID-19 restrictions following the first demonstration on August 29 in Limassol.

The event was attended by around 200 people carrying banners against mask-wearing, vaccinations, 5G and loss of individual liberties.

Some banners referred to the “One and only God”.

Few protesters attending the rally were wearing masks or keeping to social distancing with police taking note and photos of the offenders.

Police, prior to the demo, had said they would be collecting evidence after receiving the go-ahead from the personal data protection commissioner.

Following the first demo, when offenders were let off, Justice Minister Emily Yiolitis did warn the authorities would be tougher the next time around.

Yiolitis said that if protesters did not comply with the rules — which include protesters wearing masks and keeping a physical distance — organisers of such events would be held accountable before the courts.