Cyprus seeks to halve road deaths by 2030

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Cyprus has a 10-year strategy to reduce the number of fatal road accidents by at least 50% until 2030, Minister of Transport, Yiannis Karousos said.

Karousos was speaking at a meeting of the Road Safety Council which convened on Wednesday to adopt the new Strategic Plan for Road Safety 2021-2030.

The Secure System, the minister said, is an EU approach for the next decade and consists of improving the road traffic system, road infrastructure, vehicles and protecting road users.

Policies and actions are based on 5 main pillars: effective road safety management, safe roads and mobility, safe vehicles, safe road users and effective post-collision response.

Karousos said the aim is to achieve a 50% reduction in road deaths and fatal collisions and a 50% decline in serious injuries by 2030.

According to the statistics, every death from a car accident costs about €3 mln to the economy.

Last year, Karousos said, 52 people, lost their lives in Cyprus road accidents, costing the economy over €150 mln.

Justice Minister Emily Yiolitis said the updated road safety strategic plan includes a number of actions which aim to reduce traffic accidents based on police expertise.

Yiolitis has already asked police to double narco tests, and taken the initiative of coordinating police and municipalities to achieve better cooperation of traffic officers.