UN declare deal on Pyla road dispute

UNFICYP announced that an understanding has been reached on arrangements to resolve the Pyla road dispute with Turkish Cypriot authorities. “An understanding has been reached on arrangements that will resolve the ongoing

Still no agreement on Pyla road

Government spokesman Konstantinos Letymbiotis said there is no agreement on the Pyla road dispute despite the Turkish Cypriot media saying a deal has been reached and construction will resume on Monday. On

Road deaths drop by over a third

Compared to the previous two years, a significant reduction in fatal road collisions has been recorded from January to August 16, thanks to speed cameras. Police spokeswoman Eleni Constantinou told CNA that

Two people died in Larnaca road accident

Two workers lost their lives in a traffic accident on the highway from Larnaca to Kofinou, taking the number of fatalities on Cyprus’ roads to 16 this year. The victims were named

Cyprus among few to reduce road deaths

Cyprus recorded the third largest annual drop in road deaths and serious injuries in the European Union, while the majority of states failed to reduce their figures. In 2022, the authorities reported


Police refute coverup in 2012 road death

Cyprus police intervened to end speculation over an alleged cover-up of a teenager’s unresolved and forgotten road fatality in 2012, allegedly involving high-profile individuals. In a statement, the police refuted any attempt

Road deaths at record low

Cyprus recorded the lowest number of road deaths in 2022, with officials pinning the success of re-introducing speed cameras after almost 15 years. With three days to go until the end of

Cyprus road deaths above EU average

The highest incidence of road fatalities in the European Union was recorded in rural regions, while Cyprus was where road fatalities per million inhabitants were above the EU average, according to Eurostat. In