Start of school year postponed due to heatwave

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Cyprus school students will not be returning to class on Monday, but on 14 September after the Education Ministry decided to postpone the start for a week due to the extreme heat.

The decision was announced by Education Minister Prodromos Prodromou at a press conference on Friday.

Prodromou said that the Ministry had weighed the extremely hot temperatures and high dust levels expected next week coupled with coronavirus protocols that include mask-wearing for teachers and children older than 12.

The minister also said that children starting the first year of elementary, and pre-school are to present themselves at their schools at 9.30 am to avoid coming in contact with other children.

Teachers’ unions had proposed the new academic year be postponed for a few days, for the Education Ministry to have more time to prepare schools for the implementations of protocols to contain the spread of coronavirus.

Parents of secondary school pupils wrote to Education Minister Prodromos Prodromou urging for a delay to Monday’s scheduled restart because of the heatwave.

Temperatures on Friday reached a record 46.2°C, temperatures are expected to start easing from Saturday but will hovering around an unseasonal 40֯ C.