Cyprus swelters under hottest day ever

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Cyprus is set to swelter under scorching 45°C on Friday, but the maximum temperature could go beyond that making it the hottest day ever recorded.

On Friday, the Met Office issued another red alert, the fourth this week with top temperatures expected to exceed 45 degrees Celsius, Meteorologist Panayiotis Mouskos told CyBC radio.

The Met Office on Thursday had said that temperatures would go up a notch, issuing for the first time in its history, a forecast for maximum temperatures of 46°C for the following day, but revised the forecast on Friday to 45°C.

If temperatures exceed Friday’s forecast for 45°C, then they will also surpass the hottest day on record that stands at 45.6°C recorded on 1 August 2010.

Friday’s red alert is in effect from 11 am until 5 pm.

The Met Office also issued a yellow warning for extreme heat conditions on Thursday night, when inland temperatures had dropped to a minimum 26°C.

This week Cyprus has baked under soaring maximum temperatures of 41-44°C.

Cyprus is affected by a hot air mass in the eastern Mediterranean making the region unbearably hot.

What is unusual about this air mass is that it seems to be staying longer than what hot air masses coming from the east usually do.

The Met Office said the extreme heat will relent during the weekend with temperatures remaining above the 35°C norm for the season, hovering around 38°C.

A heatwave is expected to return on Monday with temperatures exceeding 40°C.

The weather on Friday will see maximum temperatures rise to 45-6°C inland, 37°C in the mountains and on the coasts 37-39°C.

The public is advised to stay in cool areas, drinking plenty of fluids and avoid strenuous exercise.

People are also advised to wear light clothing while vulnerable groups should remain indoors and keep cool.

Fire hazards remain high with the public urged to avoid actions and activities which may cause a fire.

Cyprus has already witnessed its hottest July and August on record.

In July, Cyprus saw daily maximum temperatures reaching or exceeding 40 degrees Celsius more times (17) than in any other July since 1983, and the second hottest day on record at 44.6° C.

The average daily maximum temperature in July was 39.7°C with the island experiencing a series of week-long heatwaves.

August had 12 days with temperatures equal or above 40°C, which is a record for the month, and the third hottest day ever with 44.5°C on 31 August.

The average daily temperatures for August reached a record 39.5°C.