Policymakers to meet on Cyprus sustainability debate

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Leading decision-makers and analysts will meet for the first Cyprus Forum in Nicosia in October, to debate six different themes to help improve future policies on sustainability.

Organised by the NGOs Oxygono and Zenox, in collaboration with the Delphi Economic Forum, the all-day Cyprus Forum will be held at the Nicosia Municipal Theatre on October 3, coinciding with events marking the 60th anniversary of the Republic of Cyprus.

Some 37 speakers have been scheduled for the multi-panel event that will focus on themes based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals such as the economy, entrepreneurship and corporate responsibility; foreign policy, energy and the environment; justice and institutions; research and innovation; education and culture; and, health and sports.

The organisers said the goal of the forum is “to become a lever and catalyst for change through discussions and debates leading to commitments, actions and ultimately outcomes.

It is our aim to improve and promote sustainable and socially responsible policy in Cyprus and the eastern Mediterranean region.”

Speakers include past and present foreign ministers Erato Kozakou Markoulis and Nicos Chrstodoulides, EU Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides, past and present health ministers Stavros Malas and Constantinos Ioannou, academics, politicians, economists and a long list of influencers who are trying to bring about change in society or the business world.

Oxygono hosted a series of events that took place in each town, debating future goals.

The event in the capital, “Nicosia 2040”, focused on the potential outcome of the COVID-19-imposed lockdown and how the measures introduced to prevent the spread the pandemic will affect infrastructure, such as public transport, as well as social attitudes.