Cyprus bakes on Sunday

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After the hottest July for 37 years, Cyprus is now sizzling under a mid-August heatwave as the fourth extreme heat warning in as many days was issued for Sunday.

Cyprus is continuing to experience very high temperatures with the Meteorology Department issuing an extremely high temperature “yellow” warning for Sunday between 1200 and 1700 hours.

The maximum temperature is expected to reach 40 degrees Celsius inland, 32-34°C in coastal areas and 32 degrees Celsius over the mountains.

So far this year there have been over 55 weather warnings issued by the Department for high temperatures.

The Met Office said in its warning, “some health risks amongst vulnerable people, like the elderly and very young, is possible.”

People are advised to stay in the shade, avoid strenuous exercise outside, while vulnerable groups should remain indoors and keep cool.

Night-time temperatures will dip to 24°C inland and coastal areas while staying a bit cooler at 20°C on higher ground.

Fire hazards remain high with the public urged to avoid any action or activity which may cause a fire.

Lighting a fire in the open without a permit is punishable with a fine up to €50,000 and/or imprisonment up to 10 years.

Cyprus witnessed its hottest July in the past 37 years.

In July, Cyprus saw daily maximum temperatures reaching or even exceeding 40 degrees Celsius more times (17) than in any other July since 1983.