Cyprus sizzles as temperatures soar

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Cyprus is heading into a full-blown summer scorcher as extreme heat is expected to grip the island over the coming days with temperatures peaking at a sweltering 42 degrees Celsius in midweek.

Cyprus met office issued another July ‘yellow warning’ on Monday with maximum temperatures expected to reach 41° C.

The warning is valid from Monday from 1 pm to 5 pm.

The island’s met service also said that temperatures will rise to 33° C on the west and north coasts, 35° C on the south and east coasts, and 32° C in the mountains.

Night-time temperatures will dip to 23°C inland, 24°C in coastal areas and 21°C on higher ground.

The Department of Meteorology the Financial Mirror that Cyprus will experience a week-long heatwave with temperatures peaking at 42° C inland on Wednesday and Thursday.

Forecasters said Friday and Saturday will see top temperatures rise to 41 degrees inland.

Currently, temperatures are around 2-3 degrees above the seasonal average for Cyprus.

People are advised to stay in the shade, avoid strenuous exercise outdoors, drink plenty of fluids, wear light clothing while vulnerable groups should remain indoors and keep cool.

Meanwhile, the Forestry Department has also issued a red alert stressing that the risk of a fire breaking out and spreading fast is extremely high.

Lighting fires in rural areas without permission as well as throwing cigarette butts and lit matches is strictly prohibited and constitutes a criminal offence.