Week-long Cyprus scorcher coming to an end

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An alert was issued for extremely hot weather on Wednesday, but Cyprus’ met office said this would signal the end of a week-long heatwave that has seen maximum temperatures consistently hit 40 degrees Celsius.

Cyprus is sweltering under July heatwave with the met office issuing an extreme weather warning for Wednesday with maximum temperatures expected to reach 40°C.

The Department of Meteorology issued an extremely high-temperature alert, awareness level “Yellow” as stiflingly hot continues to grip the island before coming to an end on Thursday.

The new yellow alert is effective until 5 pm Wednesday when maximum temperatures are expected to soar to around 40°C inland.

On the coast, top temperatures will be cooler ranging from 32-33°C and reach 30°C in the mountains.

High humidity levels are adding to the discomfort.

People are advised to stay in the shade, avoid strenuous exercise outdoors, drink plenty of fluids, wear light clothing while vulnerable groups should remain indoors and keep cool.

From Thursday, maximum temperatures will drop a few degrees to 38°C, which is the seasonal norm for Cyprus.

The Department of Meteorology told the Financial Mirror that temperatures will hover around 38-39°C until Sunday “which means no more warnings this week”.

Cyprus has been wilting under a July scorcher since last Friday, alerts are issued for maximum temperatures of 40°C or above.

A Yellow weather warning is issued by the department when temperatures reach 40°C inland, 31°C on the highest mountains, or 37°C on the west coast and 39°C on the east coast.