COVID19: Cypriot students UK accommodation advice

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Students planning to study in the UK may find it difficult to find accommodation as if Brexit was not an issue on its own, the COVID-19 outbreak has made matters more stressful, with Cypriots stepping into the unknown.

Student Lettings, a private agency attached to Global S&C Educational Services helping students find private accommodation in the UK, will be holding a webinar on Monday to inform students of their options and measures taken by UK universities, hall of residence and landlords providing accommodation.

Talking to the Financial Mirror, Despo Charalambous, Marketing Manager at Global S&C Educational Services, said Student Lettings will be hosting two webinars for parents and students on June 22.

“What we are aiming to do, is to provide peace of mind to parents and students by informing them of their options and measures taken by dorms,” said Charalambous.

“Students are concerned. They are concerned about sharing common bathrooms or other facilities with other students. And of course, what will happen in case a case is detected in the dorm.”

She noted that apart from health protocols applied at student accommodations, students are also worried over what will happen if there a jump in cases resulting in some courses being delayed by a few weeks.

“Students want to and need to know of cancellation policies that dormitories and other facilities have. Usually, cancellation policies are in the fine print of a contract,” said Charalambous.

Student Lettings will be holding two webinars, one in Greek (https://meet.google.com/hia-sdkv-tqx) and one in English (https://meet.google.com/vny-htug-yof) on Monday at 6.30 and 7.30 pm respectively.

The presentation in English will be given by Student Lettings’ UK partner Unilodgers’ Chief Relationship Officer.

“We will have the honour to have as presenter, Vincenzo (Enzo) Raimo, a global higher education specialist, who among other things, has held senior roles at the universities of Nottingham (International Director) and Reading (Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Global Engagement),” said Charalambous.

Asked whether students wanting to study in the UK should fear that rents and school fees will increase in the aftermath of coronavirus, Charalambous said that no hikes are expected.

“Fees and rents are monitored and regulated by the British authorities. So, students can rest assure that rents will not be going up, despite an increase in costs for landlords and university hall of residence which will have to impose a series of health protocols and measures.”