Cyprus national health system enters final phase

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Cyprus’ landmark General Health Scheme entered its final stage on Monday with the introduction of inpatient care as officials heralded the project a success as a majority of private hospitals have joined.

GHS Director, Andreas Papaconstantinou told the Cyprus News Agency that the second stage begins with large participation from the private sector, reaching almost 100%.

“Private hospitals signed up along with hospitals under State Health Services Organisation (Okypy) will be the pillars of the GHS.”

Patients contributing to the GHS will have access to some 85% of the country’s doctors, 75% of the local hospital beds, almost 100% of the clinical laboratories and pharmacies and more than 20 diagnostic centres.

Papaconstantinou urged the people to be patient and allow time for the system to operate.

He anticipates some problems in the first few days.

“We must monitor the system and gradually help it to overcome any problems so we can see the great benefits of the second phase”.

In comments to Phileleftheros daily, Thomas Antoniou, the chairman of the Health Insurance Organisation (HIO) called on the public not to rush to book appointments for surgeries as the GHS is still trying to recuperate from the coronavirus outbreak.

“We must not forget that in the previous period public and private hospitals, were not performing surgeries due to the restrictions imposed.

We also have surgeries already scheduled for the upcoming period and other emergencies to deal with,” noted Antoniou.

Inpatient healthcare services cover a wide range of services provided by one or more departments or units of a hospital, such as Surgery Departments, Pathology, Radiology, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Diagnostic Laboratories, and Intensive Care Units.

Other services offered by allied health professionals (clinical dieticians, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, physiotherapists, and clinical psychologists), nurses and midwives, the accident and emergency departments, ambulance services, and medical rehabilitation will come online from September.

The following private hospitals have joined the GHS:


Aretaeio Hospital

Apollonion Hospital

Mother and Child Medical Center

Vyrides services Ltd



Opthalmos Eye Clinic


Mediterranean Hospital

  1. G. E. M. CLINIC

Limassol Medical Centre


Evgeniou Clinic

Timios Stavros Polyclinic

Saint Raphael Clinic


S.K Sergiou Orthopedic and Surgical Clinic


Evangelismos Private Hospital

Saint George & Blue Cross private hospital

Iasis Hospital

Royal Artemis Clinic



Lito Polyclinic

Olympic Napa Polyclinic

Santa Marina Polyclinic