COVID19: Cyprus boasts record number of tests

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Cyprus is containing the spread of coronavirus in the community by ramping up a record number of COVID-19 tests, official data shows.

The Health Ministry boasts that it has carried out a large number of tests compared to other countries fighting the pandemic.

Cyprus has carried out 7,322.3 tests for every 100,000 population up from 6,622.9 recorded in the previous report.

According to data reported as of 1 May, Italy performs some 3,056.3 for every 100,000, while South Korea conducts 1,178.5 tests.

Malta carries out some 5,303.7 for every 100,000 inhabitants.

The government on Monday launched another 20,000 tests to cover client-facing personnel and construction workers who returned to work on 4 May under the lockdown exit roadmap.

Results from this scheme have yet to be reported.

According to the latest epidemiological data, Cyprus saw a total of 872 cases until 3 May, out of which 32 (3.7%) were hospitalised at Intensive Care Units.

The number of ICU patients has not increased compared to the previous report with data up to 30 April.

Out of those hospitalised, 20 patients died.

Authorities, however, under a methodology adopted, registered just 15 with COVID-19 as the cause of death.

Data does not include a 56-year-old man with serious underlying health issues who passed away on Tuesday. His death was not attributed to COVID-19.

Some 6% of coronavirus cases were aged 0-17, 69% were recorded in the age group 18-59, while 25% belonged to the age group 60+. The median age of cases was 46.

There is no gender divide of COVID-19 cases in Cyprus, the disease does not distinguish between male and female, as 50% of cases are women and 50% men, although the death rate is much higher among men.

Eleven out of the 15 patients that passed away, with their deaths being attributed to COVID-19 are men.

Regarding the geographical distribution of cases, Paphos takes the lead with 125.4 cases for every 100,000 inhabitants.

Previously reported as Cyprus’ largest hotspot, Aradippou, a village in Larnaca, has been removed from the data.

The 20,000-strong municipality of Aradippou had more than 400 cases for every 100,000.

Data for Aradippou has been incorporated in figures given for Larnaca district.