COVID19: Masks obligatory for customer-serving staff

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As the majority of people will be returning to work on Monday, the Cyprus Health Ministry announced that employees serving clients will have to wear a face mask.

Employees working in public transports like bus drivers, client-facing personnel in shops such as cashiers, and civil servants serving the public are obligated to wear a mask at work.

The Health Ministry said that it would be distributing masks to the above businesses to partly cover their needs.

Some nine million masks are to be delivered to staff serving customers in the private and public sector.

In the announcement issued on Thursday, the ministry also issued instructions on how face masks should be applied.

Wearing of face masks by the general public is recommended but not compulsory, the Health Ministry has clarified.

The public is advised to wear masks in crowded places or shops, such as supermarkets, pharmacies and public sector services.

The Health Ministry stressed that the use of masks complements but does not replace other personal hygiene and protective measures such as social distancing, hand washing, cleaning of surfaces and sufficient ventilation of living and work areas.

The right way to use a mask:

  1. The mask covers the part of the face that includes the peak of the nose, the mouth and the chin.
  2. Before wearing or removing the mask, you have to wash your hands rinsing with water and soap or alcohol anti-septic solution.
  3. Remove the mask starting from behind, you should NEVER touch the front part of the mask.
  4. After use, dispose of the mask in a waste bin.