COVID19: Aradippou cluster remains a concern

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The COVID-19 hotspot in Aradippou still troubles authorities as the municipality continues to top the list of Cyprus infections, widening the cap from Paphos which has the second most cases per population.

According to the epidemiological data released by the Health Ministry, up to 12 April, Aradippou has seen the number of cases increase compared to its population, as it now has 343.8 cases for every 100,000 inhabitants.

The municipality with a population of 20,000 previously recorded 330.3 cases on 9 April and 260.4  for every 100,000 on 7 April.

But targeted testing of the village outside Larnaca detected more cases int eh island’s worst cluster.

Figures in the next set of infographics released by the Health Ministry will include some 26 employees at a production unit in Aradippou who have tested positive after 12 April.

Aradippou is followed by Paphos with 93.5 cases for every 100,000 inhabitants, Larnaca is third with 90.5 cases, then Nicosia with 46.8 cases, Famagusta with 45.6, Limassol has 17.1 cases.

Cyprus saw a total of 634 cases until 12 April, out of which 26 (4.1%) were hospitalised at Intensive Care Units.

Out of those hospitalised, 16 patients died. Authorities, however, under a new methodology adopted, registered just 11 with COVID-19 as the cause of death.

Some 5% of cases were aged 0-17, 65% were recorded in the age group 18-59, while 27% belonged to the age group 60+. The median age of cases was 47.

The ministry did not have sufficient data for 3% of the cases.

The Health Ministry said that for every 100,000 population 2,046.2 tests were carried out up from 1,159.3 recorded in the previous report.

Cases treated in hospital ICUs compared to figures for 1 April, when a record 58 cases were also announced, rose from 13 to 14.

There is no serious gender divide of COVID-19 cases in Cyprus as according to the latest data, the disease does not distinguish between male and female, as 50% of cases are women and 49% men, although the death rate is much higher among men.

The ministry did not have sufficient data on the 1% of cases.