COVID19: Cyprus infections drop by a third to 21

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Daily coronavirus cases in Cyprus dropped by third as 21 new infections were confirmed on Saturday from 31 the previous day with scientists remaining optimistic the battle is being won.

The new 21 cases of COVID-19 were diagnosed following 811 samples tested with total laboratory tests reaching 17,119, said Dr Leontios Kostrikis an advisor to the Health Ministry.

Ten people were located through tracing confirmed cases, one had travelled abroad recently and the remaining 10 cases are being investigated.

The number of confirmed cases rose to 616, including 10 cases inside the British Bases.

From the 616 cases, 463 were infected in Cyprus. A total of 61 people diagnosed with COVID-19 have recovered.

Kostrikis said Saturday’s cases are in line with “our assessment that the path we are following is the right one, yet we haven’t reached the end”.

He also said the new cases are in line with the downward trend of the last 10 days after hitting a peak of 58 on April 1.

He appealed to the public to continue with the same dedication in adhering to social distancing measures.

“We are in a critical phase there is no room for mistakes. It will be really a pity to destroy what we are building with so much effort”.

“Our advice remains the same. Stay home and take self-protection measures.2

Dr Marios Loizou of the Cyprus State Health Services Organisation said the number of confirmed cases worldwide has exceeded 1,700,000 with 100,000 deaths while 380,000 people have recovered.

At the moment, the US is at the epicentre of the pandemic with almost half a million cases and 18,000 deaths.

In Cyprus, 28 people are being treated at the referral hospital at Famagusta General. Four are being treated at the Special Care Unit and three were discharged.

Eight people are on a ventilator at Limassol General Hospital, two are in intensive care and six at the Nicosia General hospital ICU.
Dr Loizou said that in Cyprus, the figures allow for optimism.

However, he said there is a fine line between the measures and lifting the restrictions.

“We must not forget that as long as the virus remains incurable, our main duty is to protect the health of society and maintain the health system”.

“Although there is a positive picture, we must not become complacent…stay home and keep your distances.”

Loizou also urged people to report cases where the measures are not followed.

“No one has the right to play with our future. We all have a duty and role to play in ending this pandemic.”