COVID19: First Turkish Cypriot dies in north

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Tuesday’s death of a 74-year-old in the occupied north of Cyprus is the first Turkish Cypriot to lose his life from complications caused by the coronavirus.

The total number of deaths in the Turkish occupied north of Cyprus has risen to three.

Turkish Cypriot authorities said the elderly man, who had underlying health problems, is the first Turkish Cypriot to die of the virus.

The two other deaths were German tourists, a 67-year-old man and an 83-year old woman. The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the north is 92.

Some 31 of the reported cases were German tourists who travelled to the north of the island via Tymbou airport (Ercan).

In the Republic of Cyprus there are 465 confirmed cases and nine deaths attributed to COVID-19

Divided Cyprus has a combined case total of 557 and 12 deaths.

According to Turkish Cypriot authorities, almost half of their patients have recovered, with 43 given the all-clear to return home.

Meanwhile, the north remains on lockdown as people are not allowed to travel from one district to another, while a 14-day curfew was introduced as of 30 March.

Residents in the north are not allowed to leave their homes from 9 pm every night till 6 am. Supermarkets close at 8 pm.

Authorities are gradually repatriating Turkish Cypriot students from Turkey, raising concerns as the country is heavily struck by coronavirus reporting over 30,000 cases and 649 deaths.

A number of flights from Turkey have already landed in the north over the past few days.

Meanwhile, a group of students, returning from the UK on two charter flights, were given the green light to return home after spending two weeks in quarantine.

Three of the students were reported to have contracted the virus and were taken to hospital.