School bus grounded after mushrooms found growing in it

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After complaints from Paphos school students about the state of their school bus, Transport Minister Yiannis Karousos took a ride with them to investigate and didn’t enjoy the trip when he spotted mushrooms growing inside.

The Minister sat on the bus with the school kids only to find it in a sorry state of repair with mushrooms growing from the inside of the roof due to the damp conditions on board.

Karousos later tweeted that he ordered the school bus to be immediately taken out of circulation pending an inspection because of its unacceptable state.

The minister also posted photos of the antiquated bus that carries pupils from the village of Yiolou, in the district of Paphos.

“Unfortunately, I found it in a very bad condition,” the minister said afterwards. “I want to send a message to all companies carrying passengers because I believe in public transport.”

Criticism over the standard and safety of school buses, and public transport in general, has been a long-running issue.