Police officers bungled serial killings probe

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An independent probe into how the police mishandled the cases of missing foreign women who were later found to be murdered by a serial killer is expected to find some 20 officers at fault.

The Independent Authority for Complaints Against the Police is expected at the end of January to deliver its findings on police officers who failed to carry out their duty while handling the case of missing women and children who were later found slain by a Cypriot serial killer.

According to Philenews website, the head of the authority, Andreas Paschalides is going over the findings of four criminal investigators assigned to review actions taken by police who investigated the cases of the murdered women, in order to formulate his own opinion and suggestions.

Another two members of the authority are then either to agree with Paschalides’ suggestions to be filed with the Attorney General or disagree and present their own findings on the matter.

The criminal investigators were assigned the task of looking into possible criminal and disciplinary offences committed by more than 20 police officers, for failing to perform their duty while investigating reports of the disappearances of five women and two young girls, later found dead in lakes and a disused mineshaft.

The 445-page report refers to individual police officers who are liable for specific offences that warrant either criminal or disciplinary action, said Philenews.