Ayia Napa to get another five-star hotel next to the marina

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Abelia Campus & ACC Hadjichristou Bros have applied for construction and operation permits for a luxury hotel with 336 rooms and 668 beds.

Some of the luxury hotel’s 336 rooms are to have their own swimming pool and jacuzzi, while the hotel will also have a fitness centre, spa, tennis courts, indoor pool for adults and children, outdoor pools for adults and children, a multipurpose lounge, recreation rooms, 3 restaurants and bars.

The luxury hotel is to be built on private land near the Ayia Napa Marina and according to the environmental study submitted, the hotel will stay open all year round.

A small part of the proposed project is located within the boundaries of the”Ayia Thekla – Liopetri” Special Protection Zone (SPZ).

This part of the proposed project will not accommodate any buildings but will be used as a public green space.

The footprint of the proposed development is designed in a way that there will be no interference within the Ayia Thekla-Liopetri SPZ, while the basement of the main building was designed to avoid pumping any water and consequently dumping it into the sea.

Financial activity in the region is dependent on local and foreign tourists as Ayia Napa is a major tourism destination.

Record tourist arrivals in recent years have led to a construction boom in the region as new hotels are being built and older ones revamped.

The new Ayia Napa Marina is expected to further increase marine tourism, encouraging further construction of hotels.

The Cyprus Hotels Association representative for Ayia Napa, Doros Takas told the Financial Mirror that there are some 30 new hotel units that have acquired permits from the Town Planning Department.

“However, not all are expected to go ahead in the near future as investors are more restrained due to the slowdown of the economy, combined with the fact that the town does not currently need a lot more hotels,” he said.

According to the CHA representative, two more luxury hotels are to be operational in 2020 and one in 2021. Currently, there are some 140 hotels and hotel apartment units in Ayia Napa.