CYPRUS: Jobless rate edges up to 16.1%, Q3-Q4 unchanged

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The rate of unemployment for the whole of last year averaged at 16.1%, marginally up from 15.9% for 2013, while in the fourth quarter it was 16%, unchanged from Q3, and up from 15.4% in Q2, according to the statistical service Cystat.

The Labour Force Survey for the fourth quarter of 2014 showed that the number of employed persons reached 368,772 (186,871 men and 181,901 women), up from 366,307 in Q3, and the number of unemployed was 70,267 (37,941 men and 32,326 women), up from 69,895 in Q3.
Unemployment among men was still higher at 16.9% (Q3: 16.8%) than for women at 15.1% (Q3: 15.2%).
Also the unemployment rate for young persons aged 15-24 was marginally up at 33.7% from 33.4% in Q3, but lower than the corresponding quarter of 2013 (39.4%).
The employment rate for persons aged 20-64 was 68.4% (males 71.9% and females 65.2%) recording an increase from the previous quarter of 2014 (67.9%) and the corresponding quarter of 2013 (67.0%).