Mermaid comes to Cyprus to look over Limassol

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Although the eastern Mediterranean is not known for its heritage of mermaids as well as other sea creatures and damsels, a six-metre tall statue now straddles on top of the Porto Bello Business and Cultural Centre, keeping a watchful eye over seafarers and visitors to the Limassol Marina, the town’s new jewel, and the nearby Limassol Port, the biggest seaport on the island.
The sculpture, aptly named “Mermaid of Porto Bello” was commissioned by artist Philippos Yiapanis and welcomes all visitors to the sea-loving town. It was also the inspiration for the owners and developers of the Porto Bello centre to adopt a social programme of events, the arts and creativity under the umbrella of “Mermaid Parade”, a cultural and commercial group that hill host and organise public events.
Mermaid Parade was conceived by the Interlink Group and the XN Group of Companies.
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