Turkish Cypriots make stand on freedom of speech

Turkish Cypriot journalists have pushed back an attempt by authorities to limit the free press by introducing laws that essentially prohibit anyone from criticising the Turkish Cypriot leader or Turkey. Following a

Turkish Cypriots march against poverty

Thousands of Turkish Cypriots have taken to the streets, spurred by soaring inflation that has left many struggling to make ends meet, with demonstrators linking the financial demise to the north’s political

Turkish Cypriots vote amid turmoil

Turkish Cypriots head for a general election on Sunday, with the Cyprus problem low on the political agenda due to the worsening economic situation and coronavirus. The community is conducting an early

Turkish Cypriots get 40% minimum wage hike

Turkish Cypriot authorities have locked in a 40% increase to the minimum wage from 7,000TL (€445) in the north, up from the previous level of 4,970TL (€316), introduced in September. The decision

Turkish Cypriots protest as economy sinks

Growing discontent in the north over the worsening economy forced hundreds of Turkish Cypriots to take to the streets as a crashing Lira has diminished their purchasing power amid an inflation spike.

Turkish Cypriots want the euro

Most Turkish Cypriots support the transition to the euro, as they are crushed under a tumbling Turkish Lira, with their earnings diminishing while inflation spirals. According to an opinion poll conducted by

Turkish Cypriots crushed by falling Lira

The tumbling Turkish Lira is taking the Turkish Cypriot economy along with it, as the community sees inflation send prices for essential goods through the roof. The Lira has been breaking unwanted

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