Trust in democracy at an all-time low

Almost eight out of ten Cypriots do not trust the political system and believe democracy is suffering in Cyprus, according to CyBC’s latest opinion poll ahead of May 30 parliamentary elections. Confirming


Can we trust our educational leaders?

By Dr Tassos Anastasiades Like many other countries, Cyprus is experiencing a ‘perfect storm’ as the education paradigm is forced to change from examinations-based to an online system, trusting student evidence of


Crossing the trust bridge to Geneva

In a world where optimism is in shorter supply than a COVID-19 vaccine, it seems almost masochistic to believe that anything positive can come out of the UN-hosted Cyprus conference to be


Cyprus national health service earns public trust

Cypriots have given a vote of confidence to the landmark General Healthcare System (GHS) with 850,000 registering since its launch 18 months ago, the state’s Health Insurance Organisation (HIO) said Monday. HIO,