Cyprus evolving into cybersecurity hub

Cyprus has set out to serve as a communication bridge between the Middle East and Europe in cybersecurity. The island is positioning itself as a key regional cybersecurity services hub and will

Legal framework needed for AI

It is imperative to create a legislative framework for artificial intelligence (AI), said Research, Innovation and Digital Policy Minister Philippos Hadjizacharia. Hadjizacharia told a conference in Nicosia: “Artificial Intelligence does not replace human

Technology cornerstone of economic growth

Enhancing technology and innovation are at the cornerstone of the government’s vision for the economy, President Nikos Christodoulides said at the first Techisland Awards in Limassol. He said the government promotes initiatives to enhance the

AI will either save or enslave us

How scary is artificial intelligence? It’s already changing our lives, and there’s no way of knowing how far it will go to control us or become an invaluable asset to humanity. We


ΙCT sector contributed €3 bln to economy

The technology sector’s (ICT) contribution to the Cypriot economy is estimated to reach €3 bln this year, boosting its diversification and resilience. According to the latest data, more than 1,200 foreign companies,

Cloud strategy a framework for success

In today’s uncertain business environment, organisations must be able to move quickly to seize opportunities ahead of the competition. Cloud services have an important role to play in making the business they

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