WEF: Weaker economy in year ahead

Economic prospects remain subdued and fraught with uncertainty, according to the latest Chief Economists Outlook, as the world continues to grapple with headwinds from tight financial conditions, geopolitical rifts and rapid advances in


Moody’s predicts Cyprus stagflation

Price increases in Cyprus are likely to become permanent as the Ukraine war persists, warned rating agency Moody’s. In a report on the impact of the ongoing war in Ukraine, the agency

Bracing for Big Wednesday

By Jeffrey Halley     Wednesday is shaping up to be a stormy day for markets, with plenty of chances to get dumped and held under the waves for a while. We have already


More and more of the ‘R’ word

By Jeffrey Halley   The “R” word is being used more and more as recessionary winds start blowing loudly through economic data and the price actions across the asset class spectrum. On Friday,


Flip-flop in the markets

By Jeffrey Halley It was another night of tail-chasing, this time led by Goldman Sachs that said a US recession is a real possibility and that the US Dollar might fall as


Damage control

By Jeffrey Halley  New York had another tumultuous session overnight, dominated by noise from the crypto sector where (un)stable coins continued to suffer from untethering. Either the crypto noise was pushing equities