€5,000 fine for blocking speed cams

Drivers obstructing the operation of mobile speed cameras could be slapped with a  maximum fine of €5,000 under a Justice Ministry law proposal. The ministry is currently working on legislation to clamp

Police probe ‘speed trap’ allegations

Police have found that operators of the traffic camera network have been deviating from protocols on setting up mobile speed checkpoints, prompting a wave of complaints from motorists claiming they are being

Grace period for new speed cameras ends

Fines registered by four new additions to the island’s traffic camera network will be enforced from 6 June, as the grace period ends. Traffic cameras at four fixed points in Nicosia and

Another 36 speed cameras to be deployed

From April, Cyprus’ traffic camera network will be enhanced with 16 more mobile and 20 fixed cameras installed in towns, while another 66 devices will be imported by the end of the

Delay in speed camera fines

Motorists caught violating the highway code by newly introduced speed cameras have yet to receive their fine after almost one month since the network went live. According to Phileleftheros daily, police officials

New speed cams snap 1,700 daily violations

Newly introduced speed cameras are recording a whooping 1,700 traffic violations a day, as Cypriot motorists happily flout the highway code. The high number of violations is only recorded by four cameras

Speed camera warning signs

Authorities will place signs warning motorists of speed limits and the operation of new traffic cameras being installed in the coming months. A joint announcement by the Transport, Justice and Innovation ministers

Speed cameras return

After 14 years away, speed cameras are officially back on the island as the newly re-introduced traffic monitoring network went live on Monday. In comments to website Philenews, assistant traffic police chief